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BR 119: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor.E.Frankl

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Comments: Man’s search for meaning is as sincere and heartfelt a book you will find. It’s one of those books that is a must read simply because it teaches us what it means to be human.

The story details the experiences of Dr Frankl in Nazi concentration camps and his observations about life and the importance of meaning.

Top 3 Learnings:

1. We are often told that the essence of life is the pursuit of happiness. Frankl’s experiences taught him otherwise. In his experience, it’s meaning that makes life worth living..

2. There is an incredible paragraph on love by Viktor Frankl. It’s one of those that reminds us of the importance of love in this world, and the special place it holds in our life.

3. Success and happiness will ensue if we keep doing the right things. At the end of the day, we will be successful only because we forgot to think about it. Here’s the link to that incredible paragraph.

2 thoughts on “BR 119: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor.E.Frankl

  1. Rohan,

    I’m happy to find this book in your read ASAPs.

    Man’s Search For Meaning is the best book I’ve had the chance to read. I’m still baffled by Viktor’s ability to withstand in such extreme condition. Before this one, I’ve read If This Is a Man by Primo Levi, an Auschwitz survivor. It was a painful tale. Unlike Primo though, Viktor didn’t write to express his pain, instead he focused on what he’ve learned. To be honest, knowing that a human being like him existed, it makes me proud.

    His book reminded me that no matter how hard life gets there can still be light at the end of the tunnel. A splendid catharsis.

    Thanks for sharing!



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