About Me


I update this blog every 6 months with reviews of the non fiction books I’ve read. I also write every day on http://ALearningaDay.blog.

My name is Rohan.

My personal mission statement captures nearly everything important to know about me.

My personal mission statement is the same as my “why” or my “purpose”
Build active relationships with framily (close friends and family), learn, and strive to contribute positively to my world and, in time, “the world.”

These also form my 3 core valuesPeople, Learning, Contribution.
(These align with my intrinsic motives – learning and contribution/impact are high and my values remind me to make sure I remember that people are all we have.)

I live and measure these in my 4 roles (in order of priority):
1. Leader of self
2. A caring member of my framily
3. A learning focused teammate
4. A responsible community contributor, i.e., the world

I aspire to approach each of these roles via a personal culture that is consistently positive, thoughtful, and learning focused.

I spend a lot of time thinking and attempting to commit to 3 principles that are core to my/our effectiveness:
1. Integrity: Integrity is making and keep commitments. I commit to walking what I talk and talking what I walk.

2. Love/Growth: Love is the will to extend oneself for one’s own or another’s spiritual/mental growth. So, I commit to doing small things with extraordinary love and to continuous growth.

3. Half-scientist, half student: I aspire to live my life as a mix of scientist and student – to focus on problems, build hypotheses, to experiment, and then learn. Life, after all, is simply a series of experiments and learning opportunities.

I currently work as a Product Manager at LinkedIn. Prior to this, I graduated with an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, worked as a consultant helping clients implement strategy across 14 countries at A-Connect – a boutique consulting firm, and earned an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

My wife and I became parents in Nov 2016. And, our parenting philosophy is an attempt at living Khalil Gibran’s masterpiece – “On Children.”

For my 21st birthday, I received a card from close friends that said ‘Never older, only better.’ That encapsulates what this blog is about. Every day we get better.

I am best reached via email on rohan at rohanrajiv dot com. Twitter also works well. And, Linkedin – if we know each other. :)

Thanks for reading this far.