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BR 75: Leadership by Rudolph Giuliani

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Comments: A colorful book by a very colorful character. Giuliani is a controversial person and claims credit for many New York city changes like reduction in crime rate, which may not entirely have been down to him (Read Freakonomics, The Tipping Point) for more. All that aside, one thing that can never be taken away from him was his leadership during the 9/11 attacks. And this book is  a great read for that story alone. As one might expect, the team that ensured New York city’s admirable response to the 9/11 attacks was not built overnight. Giuliani delves into his style of leadership and how he built the team. I have written about his insight on ‘Breakfast meetings’ here.

The one aspect that can be a turn off is Giuliani trying to ‘sell’ his political agendas and inclinations. Aside from that, pretty good book.

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