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BR 66: Freakonomics by Steven D Levitt and Stephen J Dubner

Category: 3 – SHELF it (All Categories are 1 – Read ASAP!, 2 – BUY it!, 3 – SHELF it, 4 – SOMEDAY it)

Comments: A fun read. Very nice for pure entertainment. Levitt is the genius behind aggregating numbers and analyzing them so they make sense while Dubner is the guy who put it all together in a book. They make for  a good combination. Good for discussion purposes, not very high on the learning scale. In the book, Levitt and Dubner analyze numbers to draw very interesting conclusions about the real reasons behind the dramatic decline in crime in New York city, how cheating is rampant in sumo wrestling, in Chicago schools, why the mafia is not great for income etc.

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