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BR 34: Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi

Category: 2- BUY It! (All Categories are 1) Read ASAP! 2) BUY it! 3) SHELF it 4) SOMEDAY it)

Comments: Very very very good book. It clarifies that networking is really caring more than a next person, and that it can go a long way in taking you far in life!

What to expect: The story of a person who made it big thanks (in big part) to fantastic networking ability honed with time. It was an eye opener for me as it clarified what networking really is – making an effort to reach out, connect and care. And most importantly, it made me realize that keeping in touch is, and requires, hard work!!

Do I recommend this book?: Very good book. Almost a great one – not so much on the story line but very high on learnings and impact! :)

Add on Mar 16, 2016: This was one of the first business books I read. Definitely impacted me very positively!

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