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BR 23: The Godfather – Mario Puzo

Category: 2 – BUY it! (All Categories are 1 – Read ASAP!, 2 – BUY it!, 3 – SHELF it, 4 – SOMEDAY it)

Comments: Who said you can learn from management books alone? This book, to me, is not the story of the Italian mafia don, nor is it the story of how the famed five families of New York controlled a big part of the city.

To me, this is the story of a man with a very strong will, value system (albeit with some values being questionable) attained power and despite being knocked down, masterminded his opponents by thinking many moves ahead. It is also a story of how vices can be our greatest enemies and what was most astounding was the importance of making sure every move is right one. One wrong mistake would lead to the loss of a life..

That’s a tough job.

A thrilling (and sometimes long winded) story of a Mafia Don and his family’s fight for survival and supremacy in the city of New York.

Add on Mar 16, 2016: I have no idea why I reviewed The Godfather here. I guess it was a special nod to one of my favorite works of fiction.

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