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BR 11: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

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Comments: Edit on Mar 16, 2016 – A book I thought was incredibly cool when I was young. I think it must be a teenager thing – the philosophy is all about “objectivism” – about a misunderstood genius who is a bit of an asshole. Not sure if I’d like it as much today.

What to expect: A story of an architect by name Howard Roark . This is a book that is recommended by Deans of Civil Engineering schools because it takes the perception of science of architecture to a whole new level. In very simple words, it is the story of a man with extreme self confidence,  stubborn adherence to his principles, who sees no other option but to stick with his beliefs and ideas.. and the story of the clash of his ideals against the world’s. Great men are first ridiculed, etc.

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