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BR 20: Stillness Speaks – Echkart Tolle

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Comments: This is a book I read typically during one of the following 3 situations –

1) When I’m struggling to sleep and need to make sure I get rest before morning..
2) When I’m feeling restless on a flight..
3) When I need something calming..

And in all 3 of the above times, this book is simply brilliant. It is deep, extremely thought provoking and narrated in Eckhart Tolle’s calm and sleep-inducing voice..

What to expect: The following –

1) A book that cannot be read or understood in 1 sitting.
2) A book that can be read and re-read many times and still enjoyed..
3) A brilliant book for relfection..
4) Lot’s of silence and pauses during the book ..
5) Tons of insight..