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BR 18: Advanced Selling Strategies – Brian Tracy

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Comments: Brian Tracy’s books promise you a clear narrative, lots of tips and tricks and clear structure and clarity. This book rates very high on the impact front with very clear tips that I still use today. For example – he gives a very simple tip when making a cold call – ‘Start by asking for a minute of the other person’s time’.  Other small tips such as starting the day by reading 30 mins a day have all made a difference.

What to expect: A full on sales book whose impact is best felt if it is ‘studied’ rather than read. If you have never read a sales book, it could possibly be a tad boring as the book is full of step by step processes from the beginning to the end of the sale with a focus on personal development at certain points.

Add on Mar 16, 2016: Sales was part of the job at the start-up I worked for during my undergrad years. As a result, you see many a sales book making an appearance. :)