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BR 4: Getting Things Done by David Allen

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Comments: The big issue I faced here was that the audio book was narrated by David Allen himself and it just turns out that he’s a narrator who put me to sleep about 3 times. Having said that, the ideas in the book are very powerful and I’m sure reading the paper back would mean a whole different set of learning.

Top Lessons: 3 powerful concepts have stuck:

i) Maintain a bin: A bin is a place where you shelve ALL ideas/thoughts that require action. This makes sure you are always focused on the currrent job. So, whenever there is a new smart idea, it is filed away and reviewed again when it’s time to prioritize

ii) Inbox 0: The highest source of stress is an inbox with many emails. Make sure the number of emails is always 0! ‘Impossible!’ – you may cry. What about emails that need follow up/whose action is not in your control?

iii) Make a WIP folder: WIP is my own term for ‘Work in Progress’. You know what it’s for of course.. the aim is to keep the inbox to 0 emails.

Add on Mar 16, 2016: A full 8 years later, these 3 lessons are still critical in how I approach getting things done.