Regularizing book learnings, writing a book and more updates..

Dear Readers,

This is a post on my learning blog that I felt was apt. A big part of it refers to this blog.. However, just thought I’d post it so I could keep you informed of the updates. :)

Dear Readers,

For a change, this is not as much a learning as it is a status update and letter to you. I’ve found myself getting a tad stretched in trying to maintain 2 blogs of late in addition with adjusting to work-life. So, I thought I’d pause for a minute and pen down updates from my end and keep you posted about what’s going on –

1) Marler’s Observatory: This is my other blog that started out as a place to consolidate initiatives I’ve been working on/plan to work on on the side.
One initiative that I literally stumbled upon and began working on was ‘Book Reviews’. And I’m happy to inform you that this has been received rather well with quite some (unexpected) traction and lots of encouragement.

2) GTD Guy’s request for Review: The GTD guy, Stever Robbins reached out as a result of (just) 18 book reviews and is in the process of sending in a copy of his new book (releasing this week) for me to review and share with you on Marler’s Observatory. More on this coming soon..

3) Starting on my own book project: As a result of a strong bout of inspiration that came through on Friday, I have decided to begin writing my own book. So, this is going to be a project that will take shape over the next few months.
The book is going to be very related to the ‘A learning a day’ concept and I’m sure you’ll find a lot of content from previous posts but I hope to do this properly and make sure the end product is of good quality. As with any new project, I am definitely nervous about whether you will find the aggregation of these learnings useful.. but let’s hope it works out.
You will definitely hear more in the coming months..

These are the 3 big updates from my end. I will try and get into a schedule of adding in Book Learnings 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) on M’s O. As far as this one goes, I have a whole bunch of ideas that are waiting to be posted but I’m trying to improve the quality of the posts as well as not exceed 2 per day. Additionally, I also expect time to get invested into the new book initiative.

In short, LOTS of activity, action and hence, learnings are all set to come your way in the next few months. Thank you all for being fantastic – it is very nice meeting friends from time to time who have nice things to say about the posts as readers. I would love to hear the ‘not-so-nice’ things as well so I can ramp up the quality while hopefully adding value to you..


PS: Like any blogger, hearing what you have to say in the ‘Comments’ is equivalent to blogger’s bliss. So, just letting you know that a simple comment goes a LONG way! :) Thanks again..

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